PP Fume_hood

General Purpose Fume Cupboard

This is a general purpose ducted fume cupboard which protects the laboratory user from any toxic vapour or fumes created during an experimental exercise carry out inside the chamber of the fume cupboard. Hazardous fumes will be extracted from the inner chamber by a fan and blower system to avoid unwanted harmful vapours escape into the general laboratory environment.

The air is then released to the outer atmosphere through a ducting that runs through the roof. The outside air will then dilute the hazardous vapour which makes it safe to the environment. Fume cupboard is a most commonly used protective equipment in laboratory for suction of airborne pollutants in a controlled enclosure.

Specifications :-

GPFC120 – 4ft size
Overall measurement: W1200 X D760 X H2400mm
GPFC150 – 5ft size
Overall measurement: W1500 X D760 X H2400mm
GPFC180 – 6ft size
Overall measurement: W1800 X D760 X H2400mm

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