Ducted Chemical Storage Cabinets
MODEL: CSC-91000


Specifications :-

Model CSC-91000
Type Double compartment, double door
Capacity 200 one liter bottles and flasks
Applications For the storage of acids, bases or solvent in 2 isolated compartments
Ventilation rate Up to 550 m3/hr
Fan speed Adjustable
Duct outlet diameter 4″
Shelf dimensions    (mm) 718W x 415D x 20H (8 units)
Interior dimension  (mm) 745W x 470D x 1710H (Two compartments)
Exterior dimension (mm) 1600W x 605D x 2150H
Spillage tray capacity 20 liters (2 pieces)
Electrical supply 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 0.8A
Weight 325kg

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